What’s the whole purpose of a cotillion and what is it exactly?



All I know is that is has something to do with girls being in white dresses and doing something? Then there’s a cotillion ball or something? Not entirely sure of what the purpose is or what’s the requirements to get into one. I’m a dude so I don’t think it applies to me.

I’m still very much so intrigued by it and what would a person do if they got accepted into a cotillion or whatever.

– Also I live in the United States, if you were wondering.

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I found [this article](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debutante_ball) that describes it as “In contemporary United States, they are sometimes known as debutante cotillion balls in American English. Most are for middle schoolers as a chance to teach manners…”

Cotillion in American culture is a kind of celebration of young people becoming adults. It’s origins were to introduce young educated women to the eligible bachelors and showcase them to potential future husbands. The process leading up to it is kind of a class to help teach manners, table and dinner etiquette, and formal dancing. Think Mulan at the beginning.

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Better to r/askanamerican about this.

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