What’s with this emphasis on censoring cuss words in today’s media?


Might be my sampling bias but where ever I go, I see kids of all ages with their friends who actively swear in public. Teens, youths and adults who cuss in every sentence too. But whenever I watch a youtube video or some tv series, suddenly it’s a taboo to have any cuss words just because it’s not family friendly?

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Media is a regulated business, either directly by government or indirectly by advertisers. Media companies do what their masters tell them to do, just like all other companies. Their masters tell them to avoid certain words in many situations. When they don’t tell them this you get content that has swearing and nudity and other stuff like that; but still subject to limitations.

It’s an artifact from TikTok.

TikTok has in the past, and continues to use, filters on content that may remove content or limit who sees it for things like profanity, reference to violence, sex, suicide or pornography. In addition to real filters there were assumptions or rumors about things people assume might be removed or limited. It became popular to use particular euphemisms and workarounds on the platform and because the platform is so popular with youth, some of those conventions bled out into other media. Partially because a lot of creators post the same content across different platforms, including TikTok and Youtube, and partly because young people got used to it and it simply became part of their communication pattern in online spaces.

EDIT: I took OP’s question, and the word “today” to mean they were asking about recent specific trends in self censorship in social media content, not the origins of not showing swears in media. TikTok is a major wellspring of the particular way a lot of young people sidestep particular words. if that’s not the question as intended, ok.

There’s a huge difference between “children do this” and “we think it’s ok for people to do this with an audience of children”. I have no idea why you would think one justifies the other.

The whole reason children are treated not like adults is because they are still learning and need to learn what is appropriate.

American media has banned it. So anyone want their clips to be watched there means no cusswords.

If a tv show aimed at kids is protested by parents who don’t approve of the foul language, that is a big problem for them and any sponsors. Kids in real life don’t give a fuck if there are random strangers out there who disapprove of the cussing. For example if I was trying to get parents to buy something from me for their kids I probably wouldn’t have typed that. Its just avoiding controversy in a marketing way.