When a muscle spasms randomly, is the brain telling it to do that or is it doing it on its own?


I’m talking about when your eye twitches or you get a charley horse. Is it your brain mistakenly telling that muscle to move, or is it moving without being told?

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It depends.

It could be something going on entirely within the muscle where it screws up its management of calcium ions or some other part of the chemical system it uses to mediate contraction and relaxation. However, it could also very easily be an issue with your brain and nerves telling your perfectly well functioning muscles to do that.

Myoclonic jerk… after my car wreck I’ve been having these like crazy they put me on muscle relaxers just to calm them down because it was causing so much pain in my legs.

I’ve heard that a lot of your random spasms/cramps are a result of magnesium or potassium deficiency.