When a person is really drunk, they get told to drink water. What does the water do?



In: Biology

The hope is to water down the alcohol they drank when they’ve had too much to handle. Trouble is, it doesn’t actually get rid of the alcohol they’ve already drink, and still gets peed out quick anyway. After you’ve had too much It’s better than nothing but not by much.

Not much “in the moment” – alcohol still takes an hour per unit to metablozie/filter with the liver.

But the water will (may) dilute the alcohol in the stomach and MAY slow the absorption of not yet absorbed alcohol in the stomach -but it doesn’t help make them sober.

The same premiae applies if you drink an alcoholic drink, then drink a glass of water before another alcoholic drink. It phyaically takes up space in your stomach and dilutes the alcohol, thus slowing( to what actual extent is unknown) the rate if GETTING drunk.

It helps with dehydration. The alcohol suppresses a hormone that makes your kidney reabsorb water, making all the water go away in your pee.
That not only makes you dehydrated, but increases the concentration of alcohol in your blood, increasing the poisoning caused by the alcohol.
That way, when you drink water, it keeps you from dehydrating and dilutes the alcohol in your blood.

Not much in the moment but I always drink a whole glass of water after I’ve drank alcohol because it helps rehydrate and keeps the hangover at bay.

Did you ever notice that when you drink alcohol you piss more than you drink. That’s because it make your body dehydrate, piss away some of the water you had in your body. This include the water in your brain, your brain shrink and this is the sensation of hangover. By drinking water you are less dehydrated when you go to sleep and don’t have as much of an hangover the next day. But it doesn’t help you in the moment, just for the next day.