When you are in pain, they asked you what kind of pain?


I don’t know how to explain the kind of pain I feel, like sharp pain, dull pain, burning pain and so on.

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Are you asking us to explain pain? Or why there are different types of pain? The question isn’t clear.

Is the question “When you are in pain, why do they ask you what kind of pain you’re in?” or?

As a paramedic, we ask what kind of pain you’re having because it helps us diagnose what’s causing the pain. A sharp pain in one part of your stomach is a very different problem then a tearing pain in a different part of your stomach. The quality of the pain is a very important diagnostic tool.

Doctor here. Just use whatever words make sense to you. They might give you some prompts if you don’t know. There’s no magic to it and it’s not a test. We’re just trying our best to understand a symptom that only you can personally feel. A dull ache in the back is probably different than a sharp pain with electric shock sensations down the legs. It’s one bit of information and we’re not basing the entire diagnosis on your answer to that question.