Where do illegal movie websites find the movies

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As in how would they come across the file in the first place. Do people download them through streaming services and then upload them?

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Organized piracy groups rip movies from retail discs or from progressive download websites after defeating their encryption with specialized tools, which allow to save the video to disk instead of only sending to display. They do this in order to gain notoriety by being first to post a title. Websites take pirated content released by others and usually don’t rip anything themselves because it takes a lot of work and computing time.

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For a movie that is already released, you just buy the DVD/Blu-ray and use software to copy the movie off it.

If it’s available on a streaming website software can also copy that.

For a movie that’s not released yet, advanced DVD/Blu-ray copies (so-called “screener” copies) are sent out to reviewers, critics and awards judges. Sometimes these get leaked and copied as above.

Occasionally someone will sneak a camera into a movie theater and film it, but you don’t see that very often any more because their quality sucks.

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Most of the time they have connections that give them the disc that they rip and upload. Studios would send our screeners back in the day, and piracy groups would have people in the industry who would share the content that they would upload and distribute. I’m not sure how it works today, but there’s many vectors to acquire the content.