where does cold water come from?


where does the cold water come from when it comes out of the faucet since we have water heaters then what gives us cold water?

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– I believe it’s ground temperature; and metal piping that allow for a lower temperature.

The ground, anything below around 8 feet deep maintains a quite regular 50-55 degrees F. So everything coming out of that area is right around that temperature. Now if you are talking designated water dispensers like a fridge or bubbler, those have a refrigeration system built em to chill the water to a set temperature.

There is one pipe coming into the house from the water supply and that is “cold”. Inside the house there are two sets of pipes: one is just that same unheated cold water and the other is from your water heater for hot water. Each faucet has both pipes so you can have hot or cold or mix to whatever temperature you’d like.

The water pipe that comes into your house delivers water at roughly room temperature. In summer it might be warmer and in winter it might be colder.

Where it comes into your house, the piping forks off. One fork directly feeds all the cold-water things like toilets and the cold knobs of faucets… and the other fork goes to the hot water heater which supplies all the hot faucet knobs.

The facets we have these days, where you can control one stream of water with two knobs… those are called “mixer faucets”. It used to be common for sinks to have *separate* faucets for hot and cold.