Where does the public money cut from Universities go?


I’ve seen across a lot of posts that rising university/college funds are mainly due to a decrease in public funding. But I don’t see it mentioned anywhere about where that money goes instead. Can anyone enlighten me?

EDIT: Okay. So I see a lot of people just saying that it’s reallocated. I mean, I more or less knew that. I wasn’t really expecting money laundering or anything. I’m asking if anyone knows the main places it has been allocated towards. Thanks again.

EDIT 2: Nvm. Someone just explained to me why the first edit is not really possible on a general basis. Please ignore that.

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Public money is money that comes from the government. If the government isn’t sending it to colleges, it’s spending it on any or all of the very many things governments like to spend money on.

A – other government expenses.

B – returned to the taxpayers in the form of a lower tax burden.

Exactly what changes in a state budget when secondary education gets cut will vary by state.

Money from state budgets no longer earmarked for public universities just gets allocated elsewhere, allows overall budgets to get reduced, etc.

Government uses taxes and borrowing to fund expenditure so if they spend less they either tax less or borrow less.