Who are the main contributors to ocean pollution these days?


Is it companies dumping trash to ocean illegally or is it just regular people dumping trash at beaches? If it is the companies why are they not being persecuted?

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One source are countries that don’t have proper waste disposal. For example my country the Philippines where a lot of trash are carried on storm drains or sewers that ultimately flow to a river then to the ocean.

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Illegal dumping of waste in the oceans by companies isnt as big of a deal today as it was 50 years ago. Most countries have passed laws banning it. The primary issue is countries without reliable garbage disposal systems. The US is one of the largest trash producers but we have a pretty good garbage disposal system so we know where most of it is. In countries like China, Indonesia, and India people just throw their trash wherever. It rains and washes the trash into rivers, which then flushes all of it out into the oceans.

The companies that do get away with dumping in the oceans it’s likely because they’re based in one of these countries that dont care about the environment, so there’s nobody to hold them accountable.

As much as we (the US) like to think of ourselves as the world police, we’re not. Enforcing any kind of international law is up to each country.