Who are the older people – Mongolians or Chinese? Or are modern Chinese just mongols?


Title says it all, hope it makes sense

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Your question makes no sense. Do you mean culture? First state that could be called Chinese/Mongolian? Age of modern day state?

Both Mongolia and China are large countries made up of closely related tribes of people dating back thousands of years. While to us “european/Americans” the Chinese people appear as one ethnic group, among people in China, they see themselves as made up of as many as 50 (or more) distinct ethnic groups of people. The same can be said of Mongolia; various ethnic/tribes of people making up one country.

The tribes/groups of people living in these regions date back to prehistoric times. There is evidence of Homo erectus living in the area that is now Mongolia dating back about 800,000 years. It is unknown exactly when Homo Sapiens first occupied the areas that are now Mongolia and China, but it is likely that modern humans have occupied the area since well before the bronze age.

Many of the peoples in these areas in the past were nomadic and moved around some. There have also been warring factions and tribes in these regions over the years and various tribes conquering other tribes, so the lineage of these groups is likely very mixed.

So, in short, there is no distinct ethnic “Mongolian” vs “Chinese” groups to compare. Although due to vegetation and proximity to rivers, it is likely that the area that we now consider China was inhabited before what is now Mongolia and tribes that were pushed into what is now Mongolia probably moved there to get away from other warring tribes.