Why actors are credited differently in shows


Why do some actors get “[actor name] as [character name]” whereas others get “[actor name]” in the credits?

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The screen actors guild has rules and regulations about how actors get credited. I’m going to oversimplify them, and just say that the top actors will often want to have their names credited differently to emphasize their importance. They might have negotiated for that as part of their contract in addition to higher pay. It’s a little thing, but it’s a sign that the producers of the show consider that actor to be more important, which can often be useful in later negotiations.

If you’re trying to say that a film should pay you more, you could point to the fact that you were considered an important star on your last show, based on the credits.

Just their contracts. Same reason some are at the end and credited as “with” or “and”. But yeah, agents got to have something to do.

Hollywood is filled with egomaniacs and there’s an insanely complicated system of denoting importance.

It can be whose name is first, whose name is highest, whose name is biggest, and they also have stuff like “and …” or “…. as ….” to also denote importance.

I don’t remember which celebrities it was but it was a movie in like the 50s. Well they had some huge argument about who was most important and they settled it by putting one guys name first but the other guys name was slightly higher.

For example, with Always Sunny, the credits list the 4 main cast and it ends with “and Danny Devito.” Danny is heavily featured but the other 4 are definitely in it more than he is. However, Danny Devito is super famous so that fame has to be acknowledged without also infringing on the fact that the other 4 characters are featured more prominently in the show.

So his name is listed last but it has “and Danny Devito” to denote his position in the show while also labeling that he is of high fame than the rest.

Again, a system built by egomaniacs