Why are AC electromagnetic fields more harmful to people with heavy metal toxicity than DC electromagnetic fields of the same magnitude?



The idea is that EMF’s influence the state of heavy metals in the cells of the brain and body causing damage.

In: Physics

There are pretty much two ways that we actually know of how an eletromagnetic field can harm people (excluding light or near-visible frequencies). The first is ionizing radiation: X-Rays and Gamma rays and high-energy ultraviolet radiation can ionize molecules in our DNA, and destroy cells (which is what happens with sunburn) or cause cancer. Note that ionizing radiation is all about having high energy, which only happens with higher frequencies than visible light, while things like wifi, radio and even microwaves have much *lower* frequencies than light.

The second way applies to all radiation, including non-ionizing: the energy absorbed by it causes tissue to get warm, just little like a microwave oven heats food. This can get dangerous, but it’s pretty easy to calculate how big of an effect it has, and limit exposure to safe levels.

Now these are pretty much the only two dangers of electromagnetic health effects that we know of, but of course that doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be more. The brain is a complex structure which we don’t understand, there could be some weird “interference” that influences how it works. However: Scientists have long been trying to find such effects, and have come up with nothing much (there are of course some studies which claim effects, but a study that hasn’t been successfully reproduced is basically worthless). Apparently we can [hear some strong microwave signals](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microwave_auditory_effect), but that’s about it.

There are some people that claim to suffer from “electromagnetic hypersensitivity”, but most studies that tested whether they could actually detect magnetic fields came up empty. If even those that claim to be especially affected can’t detect them in any way, the effect (if any) of those fields on human health is probably not too strong. All I could find about any connection to “heavy metals” seems to be from pseudoscience mumbo-jumbo, not reputable scientific claims.