Why are bald men so common but bald women aren’t?


Why are bald men so common but bald women aren’t?

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Same reason you can lose hair while doing steroids, it’s an excess of testosterone that causes male pattern baldness.
There are conditions though where women also lose hair but those are generally auto immune, where the immune system attacks the hair follicles. Stress can also do the same thing in both sexes.

I actually worked with a group of older ladies with *very* thin hair. To the degree that you could clearly see their scalp. It wasn’t something I had considered prior to that.

It is thought that one of the “bald” genes leading to baldness is dominant in men and recessive in women, so men with just one of these bald genes would go bald whereas women would need two. This is just one aspect of the genetic inheritance, and does not include other factors like hormones.

I used to have longhair going down passed my ass. Cut it last summer and thought “wow, this looks and feels way better.” It really is a clean and neat look. For men and women. I suppose women just value their hair more than men maybe.

It’s an X-linked recessive gene. Since men have XY chromosomes, they either have it or don’t; women, having XX chromosomes, would need two copies of it to actually go bald.

There are different reasons men go bald the X-chromosome recessive gene is one of the reasons. Women have two x chromosomes so women need two copies of the gene to go bald. It is also caused by the male hormone dihydrotestosterone.

Additionally female pattern baldness usually looks like a diffuse thinning across the entire scalp. Whereas males either have a receding hairline or loss of hair at the crown or both. So it’s easier to see male pattern loss since it is in certain sections whereas female pattern is a thinning which might not be noticable on someone especially if you don’t know how thick their hair once was.

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If you’re a man, you can be bald with one copy of the bald gene.

If you’re woman, you only can be bald if you have two copies of the bald gene.

One other explanation, in addition to the others:

Men deal with baldness by shaving the remaining few hair.

Women deal with baldness by buying a wig.

You might just not see them?