why are cellular companies so desperate to get people to invest in 5G compared to other deals?



Lately on YouTube I see almost nonstop ads from companies like Verizon offering (at least what sound like) very good deals, like offering 1000 dollars off a new phone if you switch, and deals that generally seem better than past deals I see ads for. Aside from that it just generally seems like they REALLY wanna get it out there, almost desperate. I don’t believe it like mind controls people or whatever but I do think it’s almost suspicious how much they push it

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5G is new and expensive and so they need people to be using their new investments. It’s easier and probably cheaper (as backwards as that sounds) to give people a discount on 5G phones than it is to wait for people to switch gradually

It’s mostly about getting the client.
5G is just a hook “look! We have the good tech”
The offers lock in a client by requiring a payment plan to get the deal.
They used to just require 2 year contracts and charge extra for the service to subsidize the “free” phone.

Because they invested in the technology themselves and want to see returns on that investment even at additional one-time cost. And the more people they move to 5G, the fewer people will burden their previous-gen networks so maintaining them will be less critical and therefore cheaper.

Bc in order to take down old cell towers, they need everyone to upgrade to the new ones. In order to do that they need everyone to get new phones too. They can’t just remove the old towers from the grids bc then people will be without service and I believe it’s an fcc violation.

The mobile business is *extremely* competitive and there is very few distinguishers between their services. They all offer almost identical services.

This is just being used as a marketing tool to help distinguish them from the competitors. In reality, there is almost no difference between the carriers as whole, but they want to make you think there is or they are better.

In the US:

Verizon tends to market at “new technology” as their distinguisher

T-Mobile tends to market price and/or “coolness”, and a little bit on tech

AT&T markets at people who like r/milanavayntrub/

Lastly, for deals for switching, getting a new customer is insanely hard, but can be very very profitable in long term. Its worth it often for companies to pay a ton of money to get a new subscriber, hoping they become a long term subscriber, where the big money is

5G allows more users to connect to a single tower. This saves cell companies a ton of money.