Why are GI bleeds bad?



Why are GI bleeds bad?

In: Biology

Because they’re surrounded in digestive enzymes and won’t heal. The source of the bleed will only get worse since it’s an area that will not heal on it’s own.

Even when they aren’t severe, life-threatening bleeds, GI bleeds can cause chronic issues like anemia, tiring easily, a fast heart rate, abdominal pain and pain in the chest. And it’s very possible for those minor bleeds to become severe very quickly since you already have a weak point.

With a severe GI bleed, a person can go into shock (hypovolemic) due to the lack of blood flow to the rest of the body. The heart and respiration rate will speed up as the body tries to compensate for the lack of oxygen caused by the blood loss and will prioritize getting oxygen to the brain and heart at the expense of the limbs and other organs. People in shock can deteriorate and die very rapidly if they don’t receive medical attention quickly.