Why are international borders in the mountains between Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, China etc. dotted on google’s world map?


I was looking up the Khyber Pass earlier and noticed the international borders in this region are not solid on the map.


Is there a reason for this?

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They are undecided borders so to speak, and these countries timid not agree on what belong to what country, so Google draws dotted lines. I think it even depends on the country you’re in where the dotted lines are (dotted lines are drawn where the country where you’re in thinks it’s supposed to be drawn).

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These borders are disputed. China claims to own some bits which India also claims, India claims some bits which Pakistan claims.

I think there used to be some bits claimed by all 3, but China and Pakistan came to an agreement.

So Google tries to stay somewhat neutral and use dotted lines to show that there isn’t agreement over where one country ends and the next begins.

It may show something different for people in different countries though.

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These are disputed borders between the nations so Google does not draw them with a solid line.

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countries go pew pew over mountain and get angry. google draw map to countries liking so no conflict and also make more money