Why are PFAS chemicals so bad for the environment and our health?


I’ve only recently learned about these chemicals but supposedly they are known as forever chemicals. I know that they are in a lot of products I use and wear. How detrimental are this chemicals to our health/environment?

In: Chemistry

Short answer: PFAS take a VERY long time to break down naturally in our bodies and in the environment. PFAS, particularly the most common ones PFOA and PFOS, have been shown to cause tumor growth in lab animals as well as detrimental reproductive, developmental, liver, kidney and immunological effects. While not ALL PFAS have been studied extensively, the studies that have been done show that negative health impacts are a common theme between them particularly over long periods of time as it accumulates within the living subject’s body.

If you want more detailed information, hit up Google scholar and find studies directly related to PFAS. My information is pretty general, and not all PFAS behave the exact same in every environment/living being.