Why are phones calls’ bitrate so bad? Why is Discord crisp and clean but phone calls are low quality?




In: Technology

Speech quality not only depends on phone speaker/microphone quality for all phones in use during a call but also on provider quality, all wiress data is expensive and they try to keep the data volume to a minimum which results in basic quality for calls and you pay for your phone monthly or prepaid to be able to make said call.

However, this is a slightly different kind of data and pricing setup then the “internet” data which you do use and usually pay for seperately when using your phone to acces the internet, which is what discord uses, “internet” data is more expensive compared to “call” data but also allows for better quality in return, and that is what you are likely noticing.

When the telephone system was first invented the technology didn’t have much bandwidth, so they limited the range of frequencies that where captured and transmitted. They were focused on intelligibility instead of fidelity.

It persists today strictly for compatibility reasons.