why are red lit texts so much easier to read while blue lit texts seem to get a lot blurrier when far away?


i guess another way to put it would be why do red lights tend to be sharp even if they’re far away but blue lights tend to scatter all over the place when its far away?

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Red light waves are longer and therefore don’t suffer as much distortion over distance as short blue wave light. It’s also why the sky turns red during a sunset. The longer red waves are the only ones making it to your eyes through the thicker atmosphere the sunlight has to travel through as it gets lower in the sky

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Two reasons:

One, your color vision is made up of 3 specialized cells called photoreceptors tuned to blue, green, and red colors. At the very center of your vision, these cone cells are tightly packed to give you the best resolution. However, the center of our vision is almost all green and red photoreceptors. Therefore, our blue resolution is worse than our red and green resolution, making things look blurrier.

Two, objects further out will be smaller than close up. The smaller the object, the more we use the center of our vision to resolve it when we focus our eyes on it. As mentioned before, we only have our red and green photoreceptors in the center of our eye so anything blue loses resolution as it gets smaller and smaller with distance.