Why are Saunas relaxing but hot summer days gross?



Was relaxing in a hot shower, as you do… when I realized a hot shower or a hot sauna can be really relaxing but its probably way hotter than a summer’s day right? I thought it can’t be humidity because a sauna is humid, and there’s definitely humidity in a shower. So what is it that makes being hot in the summer a very unpleasant experience while being in a sauna a relaxing one?

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Several differences between a sauna and a hot day.

1. Even on a hot day, you still need to wear clothes, which trap heat. In a sauna, it’s completely fine to be nearly or fully nude.

2. A hot day has more than just heat and water. There’s also bugs and lots of direct sunlight. A sauna is isolated and more clean (than the outside, not all saunas are super clean in an absolute sense)

3. And the most important, in a sauna, you have the instant stop button of just walking out the door. You can stop the moment you begin to feel uncomfortable with the heat. A hot day permeates everything, making any non air-conditioned space hot and muggy. You can’t just walk out, because “out” is just as hot.

The quick question will be, would you like a 24/7 sauna experience with full clothes on?

I think hot summer days are relaxing 🙂 like the world is your sauna. But personally I just prefer being warm in general so maybe I’m biased