Why are so many people in the world unable to digest lactose?


Why are so many people in the world unable to digest lactose?

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Evolutionary pressure. Once you’re weaned off of your mother’s milk, there’s really not a lot of need for dairy products. These products are very recent in human history, as we didn’t really have access to milk, cheese, etc. before the domestication of cows. From a biological perspective, it wouldn’t have made sense to keep producing lactase (the enzyme that digests lactose) if you weren’t eating anything WITH lactose.

You can see this influence based on lactose intolerance by region. Europe has significantly lower rates of lactose intolerance, most likely due to earlier attempts at widespread dairy farming. Evolution would dictate that having the ability to digest milk into adulthood would have an evolutionary benefit in that situation.

Okay so like, humans back in the day really only drank milk as babies. We evolved to be able to digest lactose as babies and then as we grow up, we stop drinking mom’s milk and we stop needing to spend precious resources making lactose digesting enzymes that we didn’t use. Things were real rough before agriculture really took off.

In cultures where humans *raised dairy livestock* (like European cultures), you see really low levels of lactose intolerance. This is because children, teenagers, and adults who could eat milk had a new food source to them! Cows (goats, etc) can turn water and grass into nutritious milk! So people who could eat dairy products lived and those who couldn’t died from a mixture of having less food at their disposal and wasting all their good nutrients when they experience vomiting and diarrhea from their force fed dairy products.

In cultures where humans *didn’t raise dairy livestock*, we see much higher levels of lactose intolerance. This is because their ancestors were not reliant on dairy as a nutritional source and didn’t need to keep the lactase genes running after childhood, so they continued as is. After all, if it ain’t broke, nature ain’t gonna fix it.

Most mammals cant once they reach adulthood, because the only milk they tend to drink comes from their mothers. Once they don’t need to breastfeed anymore, they don’t need to digest lactose anymore. It’s actually super weird that so many adults _can_ digest lactose.

So gran and poppa came from the old country. In the old country they used cows for many things, yes yes uncle explitive existed, but thats VERY not ok. One of those things was milk, you like mac and cheese right? Milk comes from cows and we use that to make dairy products. Because we have been eating cow juice for a long time our bodies became friends and thats why we arent lactose intolerant. No your friends who can’t eat dairy are not goblins from middle earth. Their gran and poppa just didn’t cheese when they were kids. What? Sure I think the popsicle tree should exist too. Remember to brush your back teeth. Where did your brother go!!?

Adult version: Cattle were domesticated draft animals in certain areas. Their milk was abundant in fat and protein, which are vital nutrients. The areas that had cattle used the cattle juice, it made them poo. After many years they got a fun happy friend in their tummy and didn’t poo anymore. The areas that didn’t have cattle did not consume cow juice and didn’t get the happy friend.

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Lactose *tolerance* in adulthood is a beneficial mutation that some humans have. Outside of humans, other animals would never have the opportunity to drink milk beyond their infancy; it’s not like dogs can keep nursing cows around to get some milk from.