Why are some artwork sold for millions that look like some child splashed colors at random on a canvas?



Why are some artwork sold for millions that look like some child splashed colors at random on a canvas?

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Art is very weird, but to answer your question, we have to talk about why people buy very expensive artwork. Its best to think of each piece of art like an investment. I’m willing to spend $1million today because I think this piece of unique art will be worth more in the future. In essence I’m speculating on the future value of the art. What the art looks like isn’t that important.

If a new piece of art is up for sale, and it was made by someone famous, that might be a great opportunity for me to get it now, and then hold onto it for a few decades. In theory, that art will get more valuable, and someone down the road will pay me even more for it.

Because the art world is mostly a confidence trick game, where everything is based upon the reputation and not the quality of the artwork. Finding out a piece of art was not done by the highly rated artist can slash the price of it without the art work changing one bit. A million dollar selling artist is basically only that because someone was prepared to pay that for it and hopes later to sell it on for more.

Art in that form is funky. Usually, it’s less about what’s actually on the canvas, more about what the artist is trying to convey or what the person experiencing the art feels or thinks about. If when you look at a painting and it makes you think of something, even if it’s not entirely what the artist intended, the art did it’s job. The value of a piece is usually just what someone who has a lot of money and really likes what the piece says to them decides its value is at auction.

I’d recommend looking at some art, jackson Pollock gets a lot of hate for his stuff being just splashes on a canvas. Theres one piece called “blue seaweed” when I looked at it for the first time, without knowing its name it made me think about the Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland, where I’m originally from. It made me think about going on trips there with my parents and childhood memories.

That’s what art is for.

Have you seen the Joe Regan podcast with Neil Degrasse Tyson in which he wore a shirt which had the painting “The Starry Night” printed on it.

In that podcast he said the painting is not what Vincent Van Gogh saw on the night he painted the painting but what he felt on that night.

Then Joe Regan asks how do you know what he felt that night.

Tyson replies anything that goes inside of the human brain and comes out in some medium is art. If you want the photo realistic picture then you can just take a normal picture. But art is when that picture goes from inside the human brain and they change it and produce something which is not exact realistic photocopy but something different and that is art.

This paintings which you see are some imagination. Something which went inside a person’s head, started as an idea and was reproduced with the help of that person’s hand and brought into the real world.

Those paintings are not expensive because how they look or how realistic they are. But what thought process or idea from that painters mind they represent in the real world. It is the idea, the thought, the filtering of the picture, feelings of human brain is what gives the painting value.

The painting itself is just a way or mode to bring that idea from the person’s brain into the real world and communicate it with the world.