Why are the back wheels of warehouse/delivery cages in a fixed position?



So I work in a shop and we get our deliveries on those massive warehouse cages. It’s always annoying trying to move these cages around because the back wheels are fixed and don’t turn, only the front wheels turn.

Why are they designed like this?

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Like fixed versus swiveling? This is likely due to the fact that it’s a whole lot easier to move them over distances in a straight line with two fixed wheels. It’s a trade off. A little bit of maneuverability for ease of straight line travel.

I’ll let you in on a secret. Push from the side with the swivel wheels, not the fixed ones. It allows for good steering (the fixed end essentially acting as a zero-turn to navigate corners) and encourages pushing rather than pulling which is safer.

Source: work with carts with 2-swivel and 4-swivel version, the 4-swivel sucks major ass and you can never get them to go where you want without messing around with them way too much.

If you *pull* from the end with the swivel wheels, you’ll notice that it’s a lot easier. They’re actually constructed exactly like cars, which you know are very easy to maneuver.