Why are the calories burned inconsistent from one day to the next, if the method and duration of exercise is the same?


If my treadmill has the same speed, incline and duration, why will my calories burned differ by up to 100 calories from one day to the next?

Same measurement tool (watch) and time of day. What am I not taking into account when trying to understand the data?

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The data is not real, its just a calculation based on your heart rate and other parameters. So if for any reason your hr changes, so will calories calculated. You might not notice the change, but the watch will, and just 5bpm extra would add up if you exercise for an hour or so. Additionally, the watch might also have a margin of error and sometimes might not be capturing HR data accurately.
Use the calories as a guide, but not as an absolute real value because its not.

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Because the watch is not measuring the calories burned. It is estimating the calorie burn based on various parameters it can measure like heart rate. If there is a change in the measurements the calorie numbers will be different even if the actual energy used is the same.

The calorie number is most likely not correct either.