Why are there so many types of bootloaders (GPL, GRUB, MBR…) ? What’s the main differnece between them?


At first, I was trying to understand what a bootloader was, and I think I managed to do this. But now I’m getting confused by all these different types of bootloaders. What’s the difference between them? What’s the reason there are so many of them?

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I thinking you may have your terms confused.

MBR (and I think you meant GPT?) Are partition table schemes, while GRUB is an example of a bootloader.

The reason there are so many bootloaders is the reason there are so many of any type of software: people think the other software of a certain type is lacking in some way, so they make their own, better software (and that repeats forever and ever).

That and sometimes people just like to make new software for the sake of making new software (or the satisfaction in writing their own software).

e: And also, I think you’re a little confused with the acronyms there.