: Why are there website which are just empty pages with keywords to be scrapped by web browser ? What do the owners of those websites gain from it ?


I went by accident on the following website (googling for amazon information) : [https://realease.fr/vjo/amazon-livraison-point-relais-impossible](https://realease.fr/vjo/amazon-livraison-point-relais-impossible)


Yet there’s nothing on it. It’s just html text with CSS, no javascript, no publicity.

Yet someone paid for the domain name and set the website ? Why would someone do that ?

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Probably a marketing test to see what key words will give the best results.

Search Engine optimisation.

I went to the site and did a google translate. It is someone’s “terms of service” apparently. Kind of boring and mumbo jumbo. As you can see it is a French site. Thought is was terms of service but read more and guess it is more an accounting of a complaint from a few years ago. Oh, those French.