Why are Turkish and Greek are always fighting online?

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It seems like they are arguing over everything (history, cuisine, politics…) online. I understand neighboring countries often hate each other but for Turkey and Greece it seems even worse and there are multiple reasons associated but I can’t see the big picture

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Originally the greek byzantine empire owned all of modern Greece and Turkey. Then in medieval times turkish steppe people invaded and formed the ottoman empire over both (and the whole balkan and northern africa). Greece then slowly gained independance from them in the 19th century.

The ottoman empire collapsed after WW1 and the turkish republic formed in it’s core territory. But both sides basically claimed that the entire region should be owned by them. Especially Istanbul, wich was the greek capital Constantinople until 1453.

This led to a bunch of territorial conflicts, and anger over past atrocities and religious oppression. 

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Because nowadays fighting online is regarded better for everyone than fighting in real life with swords and guns. So this is an improvement to former times.

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Because Turks took from us our coffee, our gyros, our Hagia Sofia and we’re still not over it

We took from them yummy high-protein yogurt

Obviously the only solution is war