Why are we so repulsed by seeing people eat with their mouths open?


Why do they make bad guys in series/movies eat like pigs? Does it really have such a powerful effect? I’m watching Happy at the moment and it seems to be recurrent way to make the audience hate the antagonists even more. It’s definitely working on me!

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In movies it’s done to present them in a way that makes them seem unsophisticated and animalistic. Barbaric, if you will. Humans take a lot of pride in their ‘sophisticated’ ways and we make strides daily to appear/be better than animals and each other.

Its a matter of opinion/societal values. Not everyone instantly thinks its repulsive. The only reason I eat with my mouth shut is bevause I dont want to lose any food by having my mouth hanging open while chewing. There is at least one culture in the world that takes slurping and noises while eating as a compliment.

I don’t like seeing people eat with their mouths open because that is usually accompanied by noises that bother the hell out of me.

If you ever go to China, or any Asian country from what I hear, but I can only speak to China, you’ll quickly realize that the taboo against eating with your mouth open or making sounds while eating is nothing more than a social/cultural norm.

Even on a flight, during meal time, with a majority Asian population, is enough to drive me insane.

Luckily China is awesome in so many other ways.