why aren’t humans as hairy as other animals?



why aren’t humans as hairy as other animals?

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Evolution. We no longer need as much hair as other animals, so we lost it over the centuries. That’s why you get goosebumps when you’re cold. You used to have way more fur to cover yourself from the cold, but no longer need it, so it was removed.

We used to be.

Natural selection tends to kill off the animals with variations that aren’t good for survival. Humans use fire and figured out clothing. Those of us who were born less hairy didn’t die off and fail to breed like an animal that would freeze to death without its fur did. Eventually, it actually becomes a selected-for trait, and eventually becomes normal.

Some will say evolution and some other reason and that we once did have hair all over similar to how animals do but that’s all speculative and science says so.

My personal observation is that humans are the only creature that is capable of using the skin of other creatures to warm and shield itself from the elements and other external dangers or irritants.

In addition to what others have said: our lack of hair allows us to better regulate our body temperature (through sweat), which makes it easier for humans to run long distances without tiring. This allowed early humans with [persistence hunting](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persistence_hunting).