Why aren’t solar eclipses much more common?


since the moon takes less than a month to revolve completely around the Earth, wouldn’t it make sense that at some point it is between the earth and sun somewhat frequently?

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The moons orbit around the earth is NOT coplanar with the earth’s orbit around the sun. It is “tilted” at a 5 degree angle (approx). So the moon’s orbit passes through the plane of the earth’s orbit twice a rotation. But the majority of the time, it does not occlude the sun so solar eclipses don’t occur every time the moon passes the earth’s orbital plane.

Also as a side note to what others have said:

Solar eclipses are probably more common than you think. But since they are only visible from a small part of the world when they happen, it just is pretty unlikely to have a solar eclipse that ALSO casts its shadow directly over you.