why battery powered tools do not have wall outlet adapters


Besides pricing reasons for the company selling the item, why can’t people make a female connection from the wall plug into a battery/battery adapters?

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Aside from charging, that would completely invalidate the purpose of having cordless tools and also severely limits range of motion when using them.

I’ve wondered about this too. I’m within easy reach of an outlet probably 70% of the time I’m using power tools. If I run out of battery power, I have to stop working and wait for a recharge. If there was a wall adapter then I could keep working. It’s surprising that no one has come up with after-market wall adapters.

It would be the size of a laptop power supply and would cost as much or more than an extra battery. Lithium batteries charge quickly so you might as well just grab another pack.

It would be cheaper to make a mains-powered drill that uses a high voltage motor, than to make an electronic power supply to power a lower voltage drill from the mains. We’re typically talking about over 500 W of power which, from a 12 V battery, is 42 A; a very chunky power supply.

Because batteries have a very high current output. Matching a high end battery tool with a power supply is quite simply not really reasonable. Something like a circular saw or angle grinder probably peaks out at about 600-800 W, or something like 40 Amps at 20 V. That’s one hell of a power supply. I’d expect such a power supply to be at least a $100-200 thing. Few would think that’s a reasonable price for what it does, so it wouldn’t be a profitable product.