Why can eyes heal so quickly in comparison to other parts of the body?


I had a scratch in my eye this morning. It hurt like hell. Obviously got something in there that scratched the lens. It irritated me for hours, but now, 10 hours later, all gone, no pain,all healed.

Yet any type of scrath on my body can take 2 or 3 days to heal properly. Why are eyes so good at repair?

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Your eyes, nose, mouth, skin all have faster replicating skin or specialized cells because they are on the outside of the body.

In order to protect those vital parts of our body, we are able to re-generate the protective layers faster.

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The scratches are not the same. The scratch ‘in’ your eye is merely a scratch on the cornea, the outer layer. It’s like getting a light scratch on your skin that you can’t even feel (like just a white stripe). Those heal very fast, but the scratch on your skin that bothers you is through two or more layers, often drawing a bit of blood too, so that’s harder to repair and takes longer.