Why can punches to the face make someone temporarily lose their conscience?


I’ve never been punched in the face.

In: Biology

Your brain is basically floating in liquid inside your skull. A knockout punch is one where your head/skull gets hit and rapidly shifts position, and your brain bounces around so hard inside that it needs to stop and reboot.

Basically your brain is jello in a hard ceramic bowl. If you get punched in the face, your brain jello wobbles around inside the bowl-skull. For jello that’s fine, but not so much for your brain.

The impact of your brain slapping back and forth against the inside of your skull kills a bunch of brain cells and causes a bunch of your neurons to fire all at once and it sort of shorts your brain out briefly, like a circuit. This is why you lose consciousness.

Most people regain consciousness within seconds or minutes. Anything longer can indicate serious brain damage.

If it’s any consolation, punching someone in the head is a great way to break your fingers. So there’s a solid chance whoever punched you will regret it.