why can we eat egg yolks ‘raw’ but not chicken?


Obviously I understand the risk of salmonella, but why isn’t it also in the yolks? Is salmonella like ecoli where it comes from something else?

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Salmonella is a type of bacteria that lives in chickens, mainly in their guts. It’s also possible for salmonella to get into either their eggs or their meat. Eggs are pretty well sealed until you crack them, which is usually right before you eat them. Most raw chicken you are able to buy is days or weeks old at minimum, so there’s a lot more time for any bacteria in it to multiply to harmful levels.

Eggs can still contain salmonella inside their shells right from their time of creation, so eating raw egg yolk isn’t 100% safe either.

Theoreticaly, as long as you kept the entrails of a chicken intact during the slaughter process, you could eat it completely raw as long as it wasn’t sick because the bacteria that make you sick from chicken lives in the gut. Chickens are small animals and food processors only have a few seconds to process each chicken so it’s not unlikely to have meat contaminated with salmonella. As long as the chicken doesn’t have an infection that affects it’s reproductive organs the chances of bacterial presence inside the eggs are pretty much nil.