Why can’t cigarettes be made healthy?


Surely things can be removed from cigarettes that will make them healthier.

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There are technically healthier forms of cigarettes made for people to smoke in film, like props. There are also clove cigarettes, which people think are healthier but it’s debatable.

Because the burning of tobacco for the inhalation of smoke is the very nature of smoking. Whether it be in a cigarette or a pipe or various other means of delivery, the inhalation of smoke is detrimental to one’s lungs. The smoke and heat damage soft organic tissue.

Burning any carbon compound inevitably creates the dreaded “polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons” that are the primary cancer causing agents.

You can’t remove them from a cigarette without removing *everything*.

Intentionally inhaling smoke is harmful.

You could remove the nicotine to make it non-habit forming, but that sort of defeats the purpose.

No matter what, there’s a point at which you’re still inhaling smoke, which is not healthy. Removing the chemical additives that increase addiction, removing or filtering the natural compounds that cause health problems, all of that could be done, but as soon as you light whatever is left, you’re harming your body.

I guess, electric cigarettes have been the first step in that direction .. but I’d not call them “healthy” by any stretch of the imagination.

One of the biggest problems with oldschool cigarettes, is incomplete combustion.

That creates a lot of carcinogens and other unhealthy stuff, that can cause cancer and other respiratory problems/illnesses.

That’s the problem, that e-cigarettes have tried to tackle .. but it’s still far from perfect.

There are less harmuful alternatives, like iqos which is device that heats up tobacco instead of burning it, but they are still less healthy than not smoking at all.

Problem is that the key ingredient in cigarettes, nicotine, is on itself harmful and toxic. So even if you remove tar, carbon monoxide etc., there is still nicotine present. If you remove nicotine, then why even smoke at all?

There are already cigarettes without additives, which is the “healthiest” version of a tobacco cigarette. However, the burning of tobacco is what causes the cigarette to be unhealthy, as many harmful compounds are created.

Replacing the tobacco with some other material might result in fewer harmful substances being inhaled, but smoke of any type is bad for the body. Additionally, without the nicotine present in tobacco, such alternative cigarettes would be less pleasurable to smoke, so it is unlikely consumers would switch.

The process of curing Tobacco produces chemical compounds known as Nitrosamines that cause cancer and they are the biggest part of what makes all tobacco products dangerous.

This happens because tobacco plants contain nicotine and the process of curing means that the alkaloids combine with nitrates and form nitrosamines. The amount of Nitrosamines can be manipulated depending on the method of curing, but there currently is no way to eliminate them.

Burning tobacco to smoke it just makes things worse, but chewing and sniffing tobacco can still cause cancer.

Could we switch to perhaps another plant instead of tobacco? Maybe, but inhaling smoke from any source isn’t great for one’s health, either.

To add to what everyone else is telling you Tobacco plants are also very good at absorbing **radiation**, notably in the form of Radon/Radium. Radium (which decays into Radon gas) is present in fertilizers and can further decay into polonium-210 which is particularly dangerous. While the amount of Radon is not high enough the get tobacco banned it is believed to have a synergistic effect with the other carcinogenic effects of smoking boosting the likelihood of lung cancer forming.

As other’s have said. Burning biological material produces carcinogens, most notably PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) it also produces soot particulates that get in your lungs, and CO, which gets into your bloodstream. The local research lab uses PAH’s as part of the studies. They refer to their storage location as “the cabinets of death.” There’s simply no way to remove those without basically removing all the stuff that people smoke to get.

I’ll add that this is also true for ANY biological material. Marijuana doesn’t get a free pass. It might even be worse because of the way people hold it in their lungs.

What? You’re missing the point: they’re SUPPOSED to kill you.

Inhaling smoke is bad, always. No matter what you remove from cigarettes, lighting them on fire and inhaling the smoke is bad for you.

Vapes are basically cigarettes without inhaling smoke. Instead, you’re only inhaling the extremely addictive and unhealthy nicotine by itself. This is “healthier” than smoking, but still unhealthy. There is no way to make cigarettes “healthier” than that unless you remove the nicotine…and then they’re not cigarettes anymore.


>Why can’t cigarettes be made healthy?

They can be. Open the garbage can. Toss in the cigarettes. Voila… healthy.

Because the thing that makes them unhealthy is *breathing smoke*.

Burning *any* organic material makes smoke that is bad for your lungs. Aka breathing any type of smoke from anything is bad for you. If you took out everything unhealthy from a cigarette you’d be inhaling through an empty tube.

Because smoke from burnt organic matter, or smoke from *any* source is not supposed to be in your lungs. The only thing that’s supposed to go in your lungs is air. Anything else is going to harm you. Smoking is, well, smoke. It’s impossible to make something that’s fundamentally not supposed to go in your lungs safe to go in your lungs. That’s like asking why can’t we make bullets healthy.

It’s easier than you’d think. Next time you finish a pack, carefully cut apart the glued sections and unfold the packaging flat. Trace it on white cardboard.

Get some clip art of mandalas or flowers or some shit, and make a little logo, like “YOGA SMOKES, the healthy natural cigarettes”. Print it out and glue it to the cardboard.

Carefully fold and glue your new box back into a package, empty a fresh pack of smokes into it.

And – there ya go, healthy, natural YOGA SMOKES.

Not healthy per se, but it has been created before. Called the safe cigarette. I don’t recall the name of the company, but it was scrapped because all the other cigs would ‘suddenly be unsafe’.

They have some products on the market that heat the tobacco but don’t burn it. You still get the nicotine and flavor but not all the carcinogens that come from the combustion. IQOS is one such product but I believe there are others just don’t know the names.

I mean you could probably make some negligible heath improvements to cigarettes. How would you even quantify that? In the end burning stick make carcinogens.

Although I have to say, one thing that trips me out is the government has mandated through regulation that cigarettes contain even more dangerous chemicals when they started requiring “Fire Safe Cigarettes”. The intention of the regulation is to prevent house and other fires by mandating that cigarettes extinguish themselves if they aren’t being actively smoked. They do this by embedding plastic/glue in rings in the paper. When the switch occurred (10 years ago now?) many, many smokers noticed a change in taste of their smokes. Most preferred the old (non FSC) flavor. I can only imagine what new carcinogens are generated by burning and inhaling plastic with your tobacco.