why can’t myopia be reversed?


If myopia is caused by eyeball growing too much to adjust to the time spend staring up close why can’t it be reversed by doing the opposite; staring at things in distance?


Also what is the best path for someone with mild myopia?

1.should I remain glasses-free to challenge my eye at longer distance to halt the myopia progress?

2.does wearing/not wearing glasses worsen myopia?

Myopia (or short-sightedness) is caused by the eyeball being a bit lopsided; The front of your eye (lens )to the back wall (retina) is too long, more specifically.
[This picture demonstrates](https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/myopia-myopia-corrected-minus-lens-eye-vision-disorder-76424428.jpg) why things are blurry at a distance.

Spending time reading or watching screens causing it is an old wives tale.

As far as your follow up questions:
1) Challenging your eyes at longer distance will do nothing to help, and may fatigue the focusing muscles in your eye after a while.
2) Wearing glasses or not won’t worsen myopia, but will make you more aware of the difference of corrected vision vs non-corrected.