Why can’t our eyes focus on two things at once?


For example: Why do both eyes have to be focused on the same thing or object, why aren’t we able to read a seperate text with the left eye but at the same time read another text with the right eye.

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In theory both eyes could be moved and focused independently from one another. But our eyes and brain have evolved to give us depth perception, which relies on both eyes working together. So our brains dont know how to work them independently. I believe chameleons have that ability.


It is not that our eyes cannot focus on more than one thing, they can. It is that only so much of that stimulus can be brought to your conscious perception. Most of what you perceive has cut corners. There is no way for your mind to analyze process and create a perception of the environment that’s accurate. So, your mind gives you a conscious to focus on just few things meanwhile, your subconscious is processing more of the environment than you are even aware of . For one, its not evolutionary advantageous to see reality but instead it does our species better if we see what we need to see. Hear what we need to hear etc. Your mind is creating one perception for you. Focusing on different things would likely require multiple conscious perceptions of the same reality to be useful and is too much for the way our brain is set up. Our conscious is already fragile and requires a lot of brain regions cooperation so it would be difficult to create or link two different made up perceptions fo the same reality together.