Why can’t people explain the taste of water, when asked?


Why can’t people explain the taste of water, when asked?

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Because taste, color and other such experiences can only be expected when comparing it to another experience.

Our tongues can taste sweet, sour, salty, fatty and bitter. Each of these tastes is a different taste receptor detecting different nutrients – sugars, salts, acids, proteins, fats, etc. There’s tons of variations of all of these that produce very complex tastes, but pure water has none of them.

Water doesn’t really have a taste. What makes certain water taste good and others not as good is how similar the dissolved mineral content is to your saliva. That also means the taste isn’t universal since everyone is a little different. Unless there’s something really off about it, asking someone to describe the taste of water is basically asking them to describe how flavorless it is. There might be one language which has a lot of specific words for different types of flavorless but English isn’t one of them.

Water generally tastes ionic. When you can no longer taste the ionic taste, it tastes like dirt.

Fresh mountain water Vs bleached filtered tap water. 🤣 you tell me, you don’t see a difference

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Water doesn’t have a taste to us because we’re essentially made of water. Most of the chemical reactions that make our bodies work happen in water, including the ones that create our sense of taste. When there’s water in our mouths, it’s essentially just more of what’s already in there, so it doesn’t create a new sensation.

water doesnt have taste, unless the tap is bad and it tastes of tap water. But good water doesnt taste like anything, i.e. bottled water.

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