Why can’t we fall asleep on command?


Falling asleep is sort of like letting go and drifting away. Why can’t we consciously do that?

In: Biology

someone asked that bevore here

what i have taken away from that comment section is that in the process of getting sleepy a lot of things in our bodies change (some prozesses get switched on, some off, wildly different brain activity, cooler body temperature) and we would mess really hard with our biology and health if we could change that sudden by will

Because falling asleep isn’t a conscious activity. We can create an environment where it’s easier for it to happen or harder for it to happen, but ultimately we don’t have all that much control over it. Hence why people fall asleep while driving or during sex. They don’t want or plan to; it just happens.

Its like… Vomiting. You have very little control over when you vomit and when you don’t. Yeah, we can use drugs or techniques to try force it to happen or not happen, just like we do with sleep. But ultimately you probably can’t just puke on command. And you almost certainly can’t puke on command when you aren’t even feeling the least bit sick.