Why certain meats can be consumed undercooked


I work in a kitchen so I should probably know this answer, but i just started taking cooking safety classes and I’m curious as to why certain meats like fish etc can be eaten raw or undercooked, as opposed to meats like chicken? which will make you sick if you eat it undercooked.

(apologies for Grammer, English is not my 1st language)

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It has to do with the diseases the animal is likely to carry.

Healthy cows give healthy meat. We still sear it because bacteria can gather between butchering and serving. Same with pork.

Chicken is usually fully cooked because it just tastes better, but also because people are afraid of salmonella.

Fish is usually submerged in salt water to get rid of bacteria and parasites, or frozen, making it safe to eat raw.


Chicken – Unsafe because the tiny bird is likely to have really bad diseases spread all over the meat, or during butchering.

Cows – The red meat is normally safe because the pathogens in the animals gut aren’t allowed out during butchering. Still, you need to sear the outside of the cut which might have become contaminated.

Fish – fish are flash frozen to make them “sushi grade” as it kills parasites (don’t eat non flash frozen fish raw for this reason).

There are exceptions. E.g. in Japan there are some places that sell raw chicken brought up in ultra disease free flocks. I would be more cautious eating rare beef in certain parts of the world with laxer food regulation.