Why do all the animals look same but humans dont, afterall human is also an animal to this planet.


Why do all the animals look same but humans dont, afterall human is also an animal to this planet.

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You don’t have a dog, do you?

Mate, if you think an alligator a giraffe and a snail look the same you need glasses.

I hope you’re actually wondering why alligators look more like other alligators more than humans look like other humans?

All types of one animal generally don’t look the same, but the issue is that we aren’t trained to notice.
I’m not sure how far it applies to, say, different blackbirds, but when it comes to monkeys of the same species it’s been proven that young babies can actually tell the difference between monkey faces and recognise them as individuals. This skill -like many that infants have – is then tuned out as it’s no longer needed.

As you grow up you tune in to focus on differences you see every day based on the groups of people that you see the most. As a social creature, for humans noticing Individuals in your family/community is more important.

This also explains the racist trope of “oh all X set of people look the same”. Individuals raised in a society where one race of people is commonest are trained to look for features that are different within that races features and easily tune out anything super common within that race of people. Then when faced with a large number of members of another race of people who all have different dominant facial features, it can take time to tune in to not only see those dominant features first.
You can see this at play again when you look at, say, a Hollywood style community. Wander off the street and you might struggle to tell the differences between all the straight-blonde-haired-Botox-sculpted-skinny people. But grow up with those people around you all the time and it’s way easier to tune in and notice the differences among the sameness.

1. Part of the reason is that you are human, and so you are more familiar with humans and more advanced in recognizing humans than recognizing individuals from other species. But even with that, there are many times where we find a lot of people looking the same, especially foreign people.
2. In the other hand, animals don’t look the same to me. May be because they are divided into smaller groups that you don’t realise they are the same species e.g. dogs. [https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d9/Collage_of_Nine_Dogs.jpg/800px-Collage_of_Nine_Dogs.jpg](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d9/Collage_of_Nine_Dogs.jpg/800px-Collage_of_Nine_Dogs.jpg)