why do are bones heal but our teeth never come back?


why do are bones heal but our teeth never come back?

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Our teeth are on the outside exposed to the air, and the outer most layer is dead.
The other bones are on the inside, and get surrounded by a layer of living cells that rebuild the bones.

That being said, many animals have a complicated thing at the bottom of the tooth that continually makes the tooth longer.
These animals usually eat stuff that is tough and scrapy, so the teeth continually wear out, but gets replaced.

Or they continuously make new teeth after the old ones fall out.
These animals bite really really hard and might break a tooth trying to kill something by biting it.

Before civilizations, humans didn’t eat those kinds of things or kill things mainly by biting, and mostly didn’t live long enough to wear out their teeth by eating their usual stuff.

Teeth are not bones.

What Are Teeth Made Of?

Enamel – the hard, outer layer of your teeth – is made of minerals like calcium phosphate. Enamel is harder than your bones. In fact, it’s the hardest substance in your whole body. However, unlike your bones, your enamel doesn’t contain any living tissues