Why do bed sheets become more crinkly the longer it’s been since they’ve been washed?


Something that’s been bothering me for a long time. Even when I straighten them out again, they get more crinkles more quickly. In contrast, my newly cleaned sheets tend to preserve their integrity for at least a week on average.

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This is an interesting question that you didn’t actually ask.

The answer is ‘entropy’. Things go from ordered to disordered naturally.

This isn’t 100% the truth, but it’s good enough for our purposes here.

The bullet point is that we (humans) create order, but nature abhors order – it prefers to mix things. Over time, things will mix. We can’t overcome that force because it’s ‘fundamental’.

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It’s humidity, secretions, absorption, adsorption, pressure and heat.

Basically the fibres of your sheets come into contact with materials that results in them becoming stiffer, and in effect setting.