Why do casinos prefer to allow indoor smoking?


Aren’t the majority of Americans non smokers and would prefer a non smoking environment?

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People in casinos usually like to drink and smoke. You don’t simply go to a casino to drink tea at your own leisure anyway. It’s a stressful environment and people may want to light a cigarette after losing thousands of dollars.

The entire casino industry is built around keeping you as close to the game as possible.

That’s why they give free drinks. The more you drink, the looser you are with your money, the more you spend.

You also spend more when you are continuously playing, rather than stopping. Going outside for a smoke does exactly this. It breaks your flow in whatever game you are playing and removes you from everything inside the casino that has been designed for you to spend money and continuously play.

How do you get round this? Let people smoke inside.

Gamblers are often older people who grew up smoking indoors.

Keeping you inside gambling is the goal. If you walk away for 15 minutes, you might realize what time it is, how much moneu you’ve lost, etc, and decide to go home.

If you can smoke while gambling youre less likely to leave

To exploit the correlation between smoking and gambling. If they prohibited smoking, people who like smoking would not be very enthusiastic about going there.

So that people don’t leave the immediate area and continue spending money. It’s part of the psychology of casinos that encourages people to continue gambling.