Why do certain sounds/textures make us cringe and get goosebumps?


I’m talking about the kind of sounds like:
1. Styrofoam boxes rubbing together
2. Nails on a blackboard
3. Furniture being dragged across the floor

You know, the kind of screechy, high-pitched sounds.

For “textures”, I inwardly cringe, my scalp starts to feel itchy, and I get goosebumps on my arms. A good example is when I drag my nails across paper/walls.

I hope this hasn’t been posted before but anyways, I’m still genuinely curious.

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These are usually shrill, high pitched noises which typically signal distress. Our reaction to these noises is the result of our sympathetic nervous system jolting into an involuntary state of fight or flight faster than the frontal cortex of our brain can rationalize what’s going on. This is what results in goosebumps, tense muscles, etc. It was likely an important evolutionary advantage for our early hominid ancestors (that split second reflex possibly meaning the difference between life and death in an emergency situation) and it’s a remnant we carry with us to this day.