Why do changes occur in our body especially at night while we’re asleep?


For example, an inhury/illness recovers the most while we’re asleep but when we’re awake, there’s barely any change. Same thing goes for pimples appearing and disappearing overnight or muscle being built while we sleep after working out

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A lot of this is just human inability to notice gradual changes. Your friend gets a puppy, you don’t see them for a month, you’ll immediately notice huge changes. Your friend, much less so.

You definitely get pimples, sicker/better, etc during the day too. But sleep is also there to let your body accomplish certain functions that it does better while asleep

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Human Growth Hormone is only released into the body while we’re asleep. It’s responsible from repairing and replacing cells and also stimulates other hormones to begin working. Changes in hormone levels affect skin and how muscle and fat are created or stored.