Why do cold drinks feel more hydrating than hot drinks?


Why do cold drinks feel more hydrating than hot drinks?

In: Biology

I’m just finishing a third cup of coffee within 20 minutes time, this amount of ice water and i’d be drowning.

The further away from body temperature (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) something is, the more obviously we can sense it. I imagine drinking boiling water would be equally as refreshing if our nerves didn’t send pain signals.

Is it true that we hydrate faster if we drink water without being too cold?

I have heard that when we drink cold water, although you feel more satiated, the body needs to cool it down in order to be absorbed.

Water, the original and best cold drink can become stagnant when it’s not flowing.

Stagnant water is bad for you as it contains a number of bacteria than can kill you and is usually warmer than flowing water.

Over time we developed an aversion to warm water as this is more likely to be bad for us that cooler flowing water.

All things being equal a glass of clean warm water is as good for you as clean cold water but your body prefers the cold water for evolutionary reasons.