why do computers get slow?

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I mean, not only slow and unresponsive over time, but also within a working session. Does it have to do with the amount of programs running, the internet tabs open, the amount of time turned on, or just the physical materials wearing off? I’m both genuinely curious but would also want to know to see if there’s anything I can do when my computer gets slow

Thank you guys:)

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The real ELI5 is “it depends.” Usually when someone sees slowdown within a given session it’s due to running out of RAM (random access memory). RAM is faster than your hard drive and so your computer keeps as much as it can there for the stuff you’re using. Loading stuff from your hard drive into RAM is why applications take a while to “boot up.”

If you’re using too much stuff (tabs/windows open), then your computer runs out of RAM and is forced to work directly with your hard drive, which is much slower.

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