why do computers get slow?

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I mean, not only slow and unresponsive over time, but also within a working session. Does it have to do with the amount of programs running, the internet tabs open, the amount of time turned on, or just the physical materials wearing off? I’m both genuinely curious but would also want to know to see if there’s anything I can do when my computer gets slow

Thank you guys:)

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The answer is all of the above.

How you use your computer and what you’re experiencing as slow will help narrow down exactly why.

Internet browser tabs can take a lot of memory, which will slow almost everything down. Close tabs, close other browser windows. Chrome and Edge have improved this behavior considerably with recent updates.

Other (non browser) apps running on your computer will use up your processor.

Running out of drive space on your main (C:) drive can really slow a computer down. Make sure you’ve got at least 20% free.

In Windows, start Task Manager to see what’s getting over used. Ctrl-shift-escape. Check the performance tab and look for graphs that are staying near max – that’s the resource you’re running low on.

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