why do countries such as South Korea and China have latin numbers and letters on their license plates when their language doesn’t use them?


Edit: Latin letters and numbers might not be the right word. I meant letters such as AaBbCc and numbers such as 123.

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Numbers are not “latin”, they are universal

[Example of a Menu in Japan](https://c8.alamy.com/comp/WAB0N7/japan-honshu-tokyo-noodle-restaurant-window-menu-30076333-WAB0N7.jpg)

edit: since some people misunderstood my comment, i meant they are universal, as in, used worldwide, and not a latin-script exclusive

Latin letters or Arabic numbers? Well, Arabic numbers are universally adopted, and the Latin alphabet is just more easily distinguishable at a distance. They do have a city or province marked with a Chinese character.

They do use them. It’s just that unlike some other languages it’s not uncommon to some times see numbers written out, usually small, whole numbers, since they have characters for them. It would be like writing “coffee, two dollars” on a menu instead of “2 dollars”.

You mean the Arabic numerals? Because they are pretty much globally understood. As for Latin alphabet, it is widely used and simple enough but they are not used in Japan for example at all.

In terms of license plates, there is another reason: OCR technology.

Roads are filled with cameras tracking every car by license plate… And it’s way easier for cameras to detect “standart” letters and numbers